Our Story

Suits and Daggers is a Victory Metal band from Saginaw Michigan.  We are a blend of metal genres forged into one project. Our music features a minor tonality,  a range of screams, powerful clean vocal harmonies, heavy and tasteful breakdowns, completed with progressive lyrical content.

 Suits and Daggers was originally founded by Andy Martin back in 2015 with hopes of chasing his dreams and spreading a positive message while traveling with his best friends Jerry Loyselle, the  backing voice, and  the second guitarist of the band.  Later After the band began to pick up steam, these 2 best friends were desperately in need of a dedicated drummer. Jeff Douglas answered the call. As an old friend of Andy's, Jeff joined Suits and Daggers. Soon after Alex Odorico an old friend of Andy, moved back to Saginaw Michigan and decided to join the band and begin the journey of music!

We are a very unique project! We do almost everything ourselves including merchandise design as well as the tedious manufacturing meaning if you buy cloths or cds or anything from us. We design and made it ourselves! We believe it makes for a better souvenir! We built our own studio and even produced all of our own music. We have a one of a kind performance including a custom light show with exclusive stage props designed and manufactured by Jerry himself.

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